Word Set 1

11greatVery good; fantastic; wonderful
12stateregion within a country, with its own government
13increaseto make or become something larger in size or amount
14reasonexplanation for why something occurred or was done
15althoughDespite the fact that; however
16termfixed period of weeks for learning at school
17parentperson's/animal's mother or father
18wholecomplete or full; all of
19forceTo use physical strength or violence to persuade
110sharepart of a company you own, shown by a certificate
111furtherextra; in addition
112requireTo need something, to make it necessary
113perhapsPossibly, but not certainly; maybe
114serveto give or provide something to another person
115voteto make a choice for or against, as in an election
116percentOne one-hundredth of a whole
117effortamount of work used trying to do something
118patientnot getting annoyed when things take a long time
119employeeperson who works for someone else for payment
120manageTo run or operate a business by directing others