Word Set 2

221factorSomething that influences a result
222recentlyjust a while ago; not long ago
223affectTo do something that changes something else
224whateverAnything or everything needed; no matter what
225growthact of growing
226averagetypical or normal; usual; ordinary
227contractlegal agreement, e.g. for doing work for money
228belowIn a lower position, place, or level
229linkTo join or connect together
230abilityThe power, money, knowledge, or skill to do something
231releaseTo allow to leave a jail, cage, prison, etc
232capitalMain, or major
233aimact of pointing something at a target
234treatTo act in a certain way toward someone
235fileTo submit documents to an authority, e.g. city hall
236barTo prevent entry, exit or an action
237tendTo regularly behave in a certain way
238throwTo use your arm to make a thing fly through the air
239associatepartner in professional work, e.g. in law
240optionpossibility out of several that can be chosen; choice