Word Set 3

341documentofficial (printed) record that gives information
342separateto divide into parts, or to make something divide into parts
343resourceessential supply of something
344usefulthat can help with a particular task
345debategeneral public discussion of a topic
346extendTo straighten or stretch something out, e.g. your leg
347responsibilitystate of being dependable or reliable
348unlessnegative of 'if'
349elementessential or particular part of something
350effectiveworking efficiently to produce a desired result
351admitTo agree that you did something bad, or that something bad is true
352awareKnowing or feeling that something exists
353informTo give information or facts about something
354appealTo request a judge or others change a decision
355bandgroup of people who work together e.g. play music
356toura journey to visit several places for pleasure
357pairtwo of the same thing, e.g. socks
358attitudeway you act, think and feel about something
359observeto watch carefully; to make a comment
360regularOccurring or being done frequently