Word Set 4

461exciteTo make someone feel happy, interested or eager
462satisfyTo be happy because you met your expectation
463chiefmost important one
464southdirection that is the opposite of north
465rollTo move along a surface by turning many times
466realityWhat is true, as opposed to what is imagined
467categorygroups of things that are similar in some way
468northdirection to your left when facing the rising sun
469reformTo improve society by removing abuse and injustices
470solveTo find a way to deal with a problem
471neighborperson who lives, or is near, you
472scheduleTo arrange a time to do something with others
473wasteTo use valuable things ineffectively
474hideto put a thing where it can't be found; go where you won't be found
475equalsame in shape, size, or number
476ownerperson who owns or has something
477dutywork required by your job or position
478arrangeTo organize things into an order for them to happen
479appreciateto be thankful for; to value or admire
480suggestionidea about what someone should do