Word Set 5

581essentialExtremely important and necessary
582aidTo provide things useful or needed by others
583divideTo separate something into equal pieces
584weaponSomething that is used for fighting
585broadwide; from the shorter two sides to the other
586actualReal or existing in fact, not imagined; real
587experimenttest performed to assess new ideas or theories
588considerationcareful thought; thinking about something
589environmentalOf the natural world in which plants and animals live
590theaterplace where shows are performed on a stage
591armylarge group of soldiers organized to fight in wars
592decreaseTo reduce the size, amount or number of something
593editorPerson deciding the contents of a book or magazine
594deliveryact of taking something to a person or place
595citizenperson who belongs to and has rights in a country
596technicalof practical use of machines or science in industry
597properCorrect according to social or moral rules
598complainTo say something is wrong and should be changed
599labela piece of paper or material to identify something
5100stronglyWith strength or in a strong manner