Word Set 6

6101insistTo strongly state your opinion without changing it
6102rentTo pay money for the use of something
6103appearanceThe way that something looks
6104reasonableFair and sensible; appropriate
6105judgmentopinion that is made after careful consideration
6106uniqueunlike other things; being the only one like it
6107sexualConcerning or connected with the physical activity that can produce babies
6108explanationdetails or reasons given to make something clear
6109ordinaryNormal or usual
6110chemicalbasic substance produced by mixing elements
6111discountMake the price of something lower
6112instructioninformation about how to do or use something
6113religionset of beliefs about a god or gods
6114frequentlyOften; regularly
6115attractivemaking you like them, as by being good-looking
6116unableNot being able to do something
6117coastland near the sea or ocean
6118countyadministrative region within a country or a state
6119unlikeAppearing or being different
6120mobileCapable of moving from one place to another