Word Set 7

7121phrasegroup of words that forms a unit and expresses a single meaning
7122producercompany producing or growing a certain product
7123salarymoney an employee is paid each year
7124emotionalcausing, feeling, or appealing to the emotions
7125metalUsually hard shiny material mined from rock
7126sharpHaving a thin edge or point that is able to cut
7127complicateTo make more difficult to do, understand or use
7128perfectlyIn a faultless manner; without mistakes
7129exceptionSomething different or not included
7130breatheTo move air into and out of your lungs
7131advertisementposter, TV, film showing advantages of new product
7132plainvery simple/ordinary; not decorated; not striped
7133volunteerTo work willingly without pay
7134gratefulFeeling or showing thanks; thankful
7135variationSomething almost the same as another but different
7136upsetTroubled, worried, or angry
7137toothhard white things in the mouth, used to bite
7138unlikelyNot being likely to happen or not likely to be the truth
7139unknownBeing unfamiliar or not known
7140moodemotion or a state of mind; how you feel