Word Set 8

8141tight(rope or tie) pulled strongly
8142clouda mass of water vapor in the sky, as when it is going to rain
8143assistto help
8144routineHappening or done regularly or frequently
8145sirform of address to a man you respect/do not know
8146rarelyIn an infrequent manner
8147heightdistance of something from the bottom to the top
8148constantlyfrequently or without pause
8149badlyNot in a good way; not as wanted or liked
8150essayshort written work that displays someone's opinions or beliefs regarding a particular subject
8151frightenTo make someone afraid or nervous
8152brilliantHaving a great amount of intelligence or talent
8153adjustTo change so as to fit in with new conditions
8154nowadaysAt the present time; now
8155alcoholDrinks such as wine, whiskey, beer
8156harmTo injure, damage, or cause problems due to something you do
8157dirtyNot clean
8158bowlround container used for holding rice, soup etc
8159philosophystudy of ideas about the fundamental nature of life
8160exactCompletely correct; accurate; specific