Word Set 9

9161spinTo turn around repeatedly
9162dragTo pull something that difficult to move
9163ethnicConnected with people who shares a cultural tradition
9164sandGrains of rock that make beaches and deserts
9165charmquality of making people like you; attractiveness
9166lecturetalk or speech about a particular subject
9167rapidHappening very quickly
9168regretTo be sorry about something
9169frequentHappening often
9170survivalact of continuing to exist when facing difficulty
9171impressiveCausing admiration or respect; big, grand, expensive etc
9172evolutionscientific theory that states that plants and animals change slowly over time according to the environments they live in
9173violentdone with force; likely to produce physical damage
9174promotionact of advertising a product to people
9175governTo officially control and lead, conduct the policy, make decisions
9176weighto determine the weight of, using scales
9177professionjob requiring special education or skills
9178remoteBeing far away from people, towns, and other things that are familiar
9179creatureanimal of any type
9180penaltyPunishment for committing a crime or offense