Word Set 10

10181clothingThe things you wear on your body e.g. shirt, dress, tie
10182craftTo make by hand and with much skill
10183humorquality that makes something funny
10184indicationSomething that signals that something else exists or will happen
10185neglectTo fail to take care of something
10186motivationmental drive in a person that makes him or her do something
10187prayTo wish or hope for something to happen or be true
10188biologicalSomething related to life and living things
10189anxiousAfraid of what may happen; worried and nervous
10190castlelarge defensive building in historical times
10191confusionNot knowing what to do; state of disorder
10192hintTo indicate what you think, feel, know without saying it directly
10193transportationact, system, or business of moving people or goods from one place to another
10194comedyLight or amusing play or film, usually with a happy ending
10195strangerSomeone you do not know
10196probabilitywhat the chances are that something will happen
10197monthlyOccurring about once every 4 weeks
10198sliceflat piece of food that has been cut from a bigger piece of food
10199organicConcerning food made with few or no chemicals
10200uglyUnpleasant to look at; not attractive