Word Set 11

11201abstractconcerning something that doesn't exist physically
11202alongsideside by side with something
11203amendmenta change, addition, or improvement to something
11204bunchgroup of things of the same kind
11205clusterto come together as in a cluster or flock
11206compriseto make up or form something
11207faithfullyin a trustworthy manner
11208grinto show the teeth because you are amused ; smile
11209hellowhat you say when you meet someone
11210hookcurved or bent tool
11211implementationact of implementing (providing a practical means for accomplishing something); carrying into effect
11212liabilitysomething that is owed to someone else, e.g. a debt
11213modulepart or unit with a specific job
11214reckonto believe or expect that something is true
11215reviseto make changes, add something to improve
11216sanctionaction taken to force a country to obey laws
11217shoreland along the edge of an area of water
11218tentportable cloth shelter used outdoors
11219veteranexperienced through long service or practice
11220weirdodd or unusual