Word Set 13

13241adequateenough; good enough for what is needed
13242allysomeone who supports, helps, or defends you
13243bidto propose an amount you want to pay for something
13244brieflyhappening in a short period of time; using few words
13245competitorsomeone taking part in race, business, etc
13246coveragetype of programs a radio or tv station broadcasts
13247dealersomeone who buys things to sell to others
13248independencehaving the freedom to make your own decisions
13249initiallyat first; originally
13250ironhot heavy metal object used to smoothen clothes
13251journalbook in which brief daily accounts of events are written
13252perceptionway in which one sees or understands something
13253preciselyin an exact and accurate manner
13254pupilperson who is being taught, in a school, etc
13255sailto travel on water in a ship or boat
13256segmentpart divided from the other parts of something
13257shareholdersomeone who holds shares of stock in a corporation
13258stroketo touch someone or something repeatedly in a caring way
13259tensionfeeling of anxiety and inability to relax
13260vantruck with an enclosed cargo space