Word Set 14

14261acquisitionprocess of acquiring; thing that is acquired
14262adpublic notice or advertisement
14263anywherein, at or to any place; used in questions, with 'not'
14264appointmenttime you arranged to meet someone or do something
14265breasttwo soft round parts on a woman’s chest.
14266chartdrawing showing information in a clear way
14267criterionstandard used to make judgments or decisions
14268defendto protect against an attack
14269electronicoperating by use of electricity; digital
14270farmerperson who operates a farm
14271implicationpossible effects or results from an action or event
14272kingroyal male ruler of a country (inherited from family)
14273legislationact or process of writing and passing laws
14274oweto need to pay or repay money
14275pensionregular payments you receive after you retire
14276quoteto use someone's exact words in your writing or speech
14277secureto protect something from danger or harm, keep things safe
14278troopgroup of soldiers, especially horse; an organized group
14279wedformal to get married to
14280wirethin, flexible thread of metal