Word Set 15

15281damagephysical harm that is done to something
15282everybodyevery person; everyone
15283fitproper or acceptable; morally or socially correct
15284freecosting no money
15285gasthe elements in our air, like oxygen or nitrogen
15286helpto act to enable a person to do something; assist
15287independentmaking your own decisions; not controlled by others
15288mountainvery high piece of land, higher than a hill
15289nearlynot completely; almost
15290opennot closed or shut
15291payto give money for goods or work done
15292programplanned set of actions; a schematic system
15293respondto say or write to answer the question
15294responsiblehaving the duty of dealing with something; being the cause or creator of something; behaving in a mature and reasonable manner
15295rockbig stone; hard, solid substance forming mountains
15296staffemployees of a company
15297welcomefriendly greeting to someone who has arrived
15298windnatural movement of outside air as part of the weather
15299worthhow much something is worth; the value of something
15300yetuntil now; up to the present