Word Set 17

17321approvalpositive opinion of something or someone
17322bintype of container, usually for trash
17323bootfootwear covering your foot and part of your leg
17324buyera person who buys, e.g. a customer in a store
17325compensation(money) given or received as payment for loss
17326conteststruggle or competition between rivals
17327counselto listen and give expert advice to someone
17328depressto make someone feel sad or depressed
17329equationmathematical statement showing things to be equal
17330gearthe transmission configuration in a vehicle
17331jurygroup of 12 citizens who listen to information about the problem or crime, receive instructions from the judge, and decide the guilt or innocence of the person on trial
17332messstate of confusion and disorderliness
17333nowherenot in or at any place; no place
17334pipetube a round, hollow piece of metal, plastic, or wood
17335poetrypoetic writing; imaginative verses
17336privilegeadvantage or right that is given to only a certain person or group of people
17337racialconcerning or according to race
17338reliabledeserving of your trust, dependable
17339servantperson who works in another person's house and usually is responsible for cooking, cleaning and other tasks
17340valleylong, low area between hills or mountains, often with a river running through it