Word Set 18

18341cablewire carrying electricity, tv signals, internet etc
18342depthdistance below a surface
18343disorderstate of confusion or a lack of organization
18344expansionact of expanding or becoming bigger
18345formulaplan, rule or method for doing or making something
18346frameworkbasic structure of something
18347governorperson who leads a state or province
18348grandincluding many things ; very large
18349infectionact or state of becoming infected with a disease
18350interventionact of coming between two or more parties in a situation or disagreement to try to change the result
18351maturebeing an adult, being fully developed physically
18352portplace along a coast where ships load and unload things or passengers, or be sheltered during a storm
18353prisonersomeone kept in a prison as punishment for a crime
18354pubbuilding with a bar licensed to sell alcohol
18355ratioquantitative relationship in size, etc
18356restrictionlaw or rule that controls or limits the speed, size, amount, or number of something
18357stemlong, thin thing joining parts of a plant
18358subsequenthappening after
18359underlieto lie or exist beneath
18360vicespecific form of evildoing