Word Set 2

221abortiona medical operation to end a pregnancy
222allegeto state without proof
223chamberenclosed space that holds something e.g. bullets in a gun
224clausespecific term or demand in a legal agreement
225coaldark hard substance from the earth burnt as a fuel
226constraintthing that prevents you moving or acting; restriction
227damnused as expletives
228deficitproperty of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required
229expenditureamount of money used during a certain time
230foreverfor a very long or seemingly endless time
231inflationcontinual rise in the prices of products
232inquiryrequest for information
233mortgagelong-term loan from a bank for buying property
234poetperson who writes poems
235presumablyconcerning a true or likely nature
236provincearea that a country or nation is divided into
237pumpto make water or any other liquid move using a machine
238rearto bring up animals e.g. horses as a farmer
239skirtpiece of clothing for the lower body worn by women
240whilstduring the time that; at the same time