Word Set 6

6101complexitystate of having many parts and not being simple
6102controversialcausing a great deal of argument, discussion, or conflict
6103densitydegree to which an area is filled or covered
6104gazedirection you are looking
6105genuinebeing real, actual, and not false or artificial
6106grainseeds of plants used for food
6107harborarea of water protected by land and used by ships
6108institutionalbeing related or similar to an institution
6109insureto buy protection against possible loss/damage/injury
6110leatherchemically tanned animal skin, e.g. for shoes
6111nounthe subject or object of a sentence
6112precisevery accurate and exact expression or detail
6113pregnancystate of being pregnant; the period from conception to birth when a woman carries a developing fetus in her uterus
6114qualificationofficial record proving a certain standard or level
6115quietlyin a quiet manner; making little sound or fuss
6116stirto mix something by making circular movements in it
6117subsequentlyafter something else has happened
6118theoreticalinvolved the uncertain or yet to be proved aspects of a certain subject
6119thirstneed for something to drink
6120vesselpot, container