Word Set 9

9161accommodationplace to stay, often a hotel
9162aircraftvehicle that can fly
9163competitivebeing strongly driven to win or be better than
9164criticperson who judges (e.g. art) and gives opinions
9165crucialextremely important
9166diskthin or flat, round object, e.g. for storing data
9167disputeargument between two or more parties about something
9168elsewherein or to another or different place
9169intellectualperson who uses the mind intelligently
9170massivevery big large too big
9171peerperson of the same age, class or background as another
9172premisebuilding and the area of land that it rests upon
9173presidentialconcerning the president
9174priorexisting or coming earlier in time
9175publicationprocess of producing a book, magazine
9176regionalconcerning a particular area
9177retailconcerning the business of selling products to the public for personal use
9178sequenceorder in which things (should) happen
9179settlementplace or region where people build homes and few people have lived before
9180substantialbeing large in degree, quantity, or size