Word Set 10

10181cameraobject that takes pictures digitally, or on film
10182coldhaving a very low temperature
10183columnregular series of articles in newspaper or magazine
10184commissiongroup officially put in charge of e.g. education
10185comparisonlooking for differences and similarities in two or more things
10186conservativeresistant to change
10187expectationbelief or hope that something is going to happen
10188famouswidely known; recognized by many people
10189grantto give or let someone do what they want
10191investmentsomething purchased hoping its value will increase
10192investorperson who spends money to help business grow
10193norused to show two things that are both untrue or do not happen
10194ontomovement towards a certain direction, or into a certain area
10195pleasurefeeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction
10196procedureusual or standard way in which something is done
10197provisionclause in a legal document
10198schemeoften dishonest plan to get or do something
10199sectorarea that includes certain kinds of job
10200voterperson who can vote in an election