DVD Comprehension Questions UNIT 1


1.     How many people are there in Kim's family?

There are three people.

2.     What does Kim's husband do?

            Hefs a college instructor.

3.     What does Kim's daughter do?

            Shefs a junior high school student.

4.     What does Kim's daughter like to do at school?

            She likes to participate in the dance club.

5.     What do they do together as a family?

           They go camping and traveling.

6.     What two words does Kim use to describe her family?

           Bilingual and bicultural.

7.     What does Kim's family keep in their closet?

            Boxes of stuff for Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

8.     What is Thanksgiving, and when do people celebrate it?

            Itfs an American holiday, and people celebrate it on the fourth

           Thursday in November.

9.     What does Kim cook for Thanksgiving?


10.  What does Kim like the most about Thanksgiving?

            Inviting the neighbors and relatives over for dinner.

11.  How many brothers and sisters does Kim have?

            She has 5 brothers and sisters.

12.  How many cousins does she have?


13.  How many nieces and nephews does she have?


14.  What are two ways that Kim keeps in contact with her relatives?

            Christmas cards and reunions.

15.  Kim says her daughter is 'right in the middle.' What does this mean?

           Half of her cousins are older, and the other half are younger.

16.  Who is Kim's favorite relative?

           Her first-born niece.

17.  What is her name and nickname?

            Her name is Cassandra Eve, and her nickname is Cassie.

18.  Why does she ask Kim for advice about college?

           Because Kim went to college.

19.  What does she want to do after graduation?

           She wants to go to university to study to become a doctor.

20.  Describe her appearance and personality.

           Appearance: quite pretty, 160 cm. tall, shoulder-length straight blond

           hair, big blue eyes, round face 

           Personality: a bit shy, very polite and has a good sense of humor