DVD Comprehension Questions UNIT 2


1.     How often does Brent go to the movies?

           Once a month.

2.     What kind of movies does Brent like?

           Westerns and science-fiction.

3.     What kind of movies does Joe like?

           Horror films.

4.     What are two of Brent's favorite movies?

            gSerenityh and gUnforgivenh.

5.     What does the movie 'Serenity' combine? 

           Westerns and science-fiction.

6.     Which actors does Brent like?

           Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner.

7.     When does Brent read movie reviews?

            After he has seen a movie.

8.     Where does Brent read movie reviews?

           On the Internet.

9.     Does he usually agree or disagree with critics?

            He usually disagrees.

10.  In Brent's opinion, which movie did the critics misunderstand?

           gMr. and Mrs. Smithh.

11.  Compared to Japan, what is different about going to the movies in Canada?

            Prices are cheaper in Canada.

12.  How often does Brent's Canadian family go to the cinema?

            Once or twice a week.

13.  How much does it cost to go to the cinema in Canada?

            700-800 yen.

14.  When does Brent's older brother watch movies?

           During the day.

15.  What is a matinee?

            Movies in the afternoon.

16.  What kind of movies does Brent suggest for language study?

           A series.

17.  Why does Joe watch Tora san?

           To study Japanese.

18.  What kind of movies does Joe recommend to students?

           Older movies.

19.  What reasons does he give for recommending such movies?

           People generally spoke more slowly and more carefully. There was

           less slang and more standard language.

20.  What does Brent think is most important in choosing a movie for language study?

           Choosing something you like.