DVD Comprehension Questions UNIT 3

1.     What time is it in the video scene?


          Itfs half past seven.


2.     What time does the post office close?


          It doesnft close. Itfs a 24-hour post office.


3.     What should Zorana do after turning left at the main gate?


          She should walk down the street for about 50 meters.


4.     What will Zorana see in front of Starbucks?


           She will see a crosswalk.


5.     When Zorana sees a fork in the road, which way should she turn?


            She should turn right.


6.     What is the first thing to remember in giving instructions?


            You should separate instructions into sections.


7.     What will happen if you try to give complicated instructions all at once?


             It will be difficult for the listener to remember them.


8.     What should you do after giving each section of instructions?


             You should check to see if the listener understands.


9.     Why is this important?


              Because you donft want to repeat all the instructions in the event

              that the listener doesnft understand.


10.   What are some expressions you can use to check that the listener  


              Do you understand?   Have you got that? 

              All right so far?      OK so far?


11.  What should a listener do?


         She should repeat the instructions back to the instructor.


12.  Why should she do this?


         To make sure she understands.


13.  What is this strategy called?


          It is called gconfirmation.h


14.  What else should a listener do?


           She should ask for clarification.


15.  What does Joe suggest when giving directions to a place?


            He suggests using landmarks.


16.  What is the first thing you do when folding a T-shirt?


             You lay the T-shirt out flat.


17.  What do you do next with your right hand?


             You grasp the T-shirt at the shoulder.


18.  What is the next step?


              You place your right hand over your left hand and pinch the T-shirt  

              at the bottom.


19.  What is the final result?


              You will have a neatly-folded T-shirt.


20.  Where will Zorana use this T-shirt folding technique?


               She will use it at the Gap store.