Video Comprehension Answers Travel


1.     How many countries has Del visited?


2.     Where are these countries located?

Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

3.     Where was the last place Del visited outside Japan?

The United States.

4.     Why did he go there?

To visit family.

5.     How often does Del visit the United States?

Every two years.

6.     What is Del's nationality?

Hes an American.

7.     Why does Del consider himself an international person?

Because he lives outside of his country.

8.     Which country does Del like best?


9.     Where was Del's mother from?


10.  What did Del study when he was a student?

English Literature.

11.  What does Del like about Asia?

So many cultures in a small area.

12.  Which country does Del recommend to students?


13.  Why does he recommend this country?

Everyone speaks English.

14.  Which other Asian countries does Del talk about?

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

15.  How many cities has Del visited in India?

Two. Delhi and Bombay.

16.  According to Del, which country has the most beautiful scenery?


17.  According to Del, which country has the best food?


18.  According to Del, which country has the friendliest people?


19.  What is Del's favorite airline?

Singapore Airlines.

20.  According to Del, which place is most difficult to travel in?