EC1 Word List
Set 2 On Quizlet

221abilitynoun/ə•bɪ•lɪ•tɪ/The power, money, knowledge, or skill to do something
222affectverb/ə•fɛkt/To do something that changes something else
223aimnoun/ɛɪm/act of pointing something at a target
224associatenoun/ə•soʊ•ʃɪ•ɛɪt/partner in professional work, e.g. in law
225averageadj/æ•və•rɪdʒ/typical or normal; usual; ordinary
226barverb/bɑɚ/To prevent entry, exit or an action
227belowadv/bɪ•loʊ/In a lower position, place, or level
228capitaladj/kæ•pɪ•tl/Main, or major
229contractnoun/kən•trækt/legal agreement, e.g. for doing work for money
230factornoun/fæk•tə/Something that influences a result
231fileverb/faɪl/To submit documents to an authority, e.g. city hall
232growthnoun/groʊθ/act of growing
233linkverb/lɪŋk/To join or connect together
234optionnoun/ɑp•ʃən/possibility out of several that can be chosen; choice
235recentlyadv/riːsntlɪ/just a while ago; not long ago
236releaseverb/rɪ•liːs/To allow to leave a jail, cage, prison, etc
237tendverb/tɛnd/To regularly behave in a certain way
238throwverb/θroʊ/To use your arm to make a thing fly through the air
239treatverb/triːt/To act in a certain way toward someone
240whateverdet/wɑt•ɛ•və/Anything or everything needed; no matter what