EC1 Word List
Set 3 On Quizlet

341admitverb/əd•mɪt/To agree that you did something bad, or that something bad is true
342appealverb/ə•piːl/To request a judge or others change a decision
343attitudenoun/æ•tɪ•tjud/way you act, think and feel about something
344awareadj/ə•wɛɚ/Knowing or feeling that something exists
345bandnoun/bænd/group of people who work together e.g. play music
346debatenoun/dɪ•bɛɪt/general public discussion of a topic
347documentnoun/dɑ•kjʊ•mɛnt/official (printed) record that gives information
348effectiveadj/ɪ•fɛk•tɪv/working efficiently to produce a desired result
349elementnoun/ɛ•lɪ•mənt/essential or particular part of something
350extendverb/ɪks•tɛnd/To straighten or stretch something out, e.g. your leg
351informverb/ɪn•foɚm/To give information or facts about something
352observeverb/əb•zɚv/to watch carefully; to make a comment
353pairnoun/pɛɚ/two of the same thing, e.g. socks
354regularadj/rɛ•gjʊ•lə/Occurring or being done frequently
355resourcenoun/rɪ•soɚs/essential supply of something
356responsibilitynoun/rɪs•pɑn•sə•bɪ•lɪ•t/state of being dependable or reliable
357separateadj/sɛ•pə•rɛɪt/to divide into parts, or to make something divide into parts
358tournoun/tʊə/a journey to visit several places for pleasure
359unlessconj/ən•lɛs/negative of 'if'
360usefuladj/jusfəl/that can help with a particular task