EC1 Word List
Set 4 On Quizlet

461appreciateverb/ə•priː•ʃɪ•ɛɪt/to be thankful for; to value or admire
462arrangeverb/ə•rɛɪndʒ/To organize things into an order for them to happen
463categorynoun/kæ•tɪ•gə•rɪ/groups of things that are similar in some way
464chiefadj/tʃiːf/most important one
465dutynoun/dju•tɪ/work required by your job or position
466equaladj/iː•kwəl/same in shape, size, or number
467exciteverb/ɪk•saɪt/To make someone feel happy, interested or eager
468hideverb/haɪd/to put a thing where it can't be found; go where you won't be found
469neighbornoun/neɪ•bɚ/person who lives, or is near, you
470northnoun/noɚθ/direction to your left when facing the rising sun
471ownernoun/oʊ•nə/person who owns or has something
472realitynoun/riː•æ•lɪ•tɪ/What is true, as opposed to what is imagined
473reformverb/riː•foɚm/To improve society by removing abuse and injustices
474rollverb/roʊl/To move along a surface by turning many times
475satisfyverb/sæ•tɪs•faɪ/To be happy because you met your expectation
476scheduleverb/ʃɛ•djul/To arrange a time to do something with others
477solveverb/sɑlv/To find a way to deal with a problem
478southadj/saʊð/direction that is the opposite of north
479suggestionnoun/sə•dʒɛs•tʃən/idea about what someone should do
480wasteverb/wɛɪst/To use valuable things ineffectively