EC1 Word List
Set 5 On Quizlet

581actualadj/æk•tjʊəl/Real or existing in fact, not imagined; real
582aidverb/ɛɪd/To provide things useful or needed by others
583armynoun/ɑɚ•mɪ/large group of soldiers organized to fight in wars
584broadadj/broɚd/wide; from the shorter two sides to the other
585citizennoun/sɪ•tɪ•zn/person who belongs to and has rights in a country
586complainverb/kəm•plɛɪn/To say something is wrong and should be changed
587considerationnoun/kən•sɪ•də•rɛɪ•ʃən/careful thought; thinking about something
588decreaseverb/diː•kriːs/To reduce the size, amount or number of something
589deliverynoun/dɪ•lɪ•və•rɪ/act of taking something to a person or place
590divideverb/dɪ•vaɪd/To separate something into equal pieces
591editornoun/ɛ•dɪ•tə/Person deciding the contents of a book or magazine
592environmentaladj/ɪn,vaɪərən'mɛntl/Of the natural world in which plants and animals live
593essentialadj/ɪ•sɛn•ʃəl/Extremely important and necessary
594experimentnoun/ɪks•pɛ•rɪ•mɛnt/test performed to assess new ideas or theories
595labelnoun/lɛɪ•bl/a piece of paper or material to identify something
596properadj/prɑ•pə/Correct according to social or moral rules
597stronglyadv/strɑŋlɪ/With strength or in a strong manner
598technicaladj/tɛk•nɪ•kəl/of practical use of machines or science in industry
599theaternoun/θiːə•θɚ/place where shows are performed on a stage
5100weaponnoun/wɛ•pən/Something that is used for fighting