EC1 Word List
Set 7 On Quizlet

7121advertisementnoun/əd•vɚ•tɪs•mənt/poster, TV, film showing advantages of new product
7122breatheverb/briːð/To move air into and out of your lungs
7123complicateverb/kɑm•plɪ•kɛɪt/To make more difficult to do, understand or use
7124emotionaladj/ɪ•moʊ•ʃə•nL/causing, feeling, or appealing to the emotions
7125exceptionnoun/ɪk•sɛp•ʃən/Something different or not included
7126gratefuladj/grɛɪtfəl/Feeling or showing thanks; thankful
7127metalnoun/mɛ•tl/Usually hard shiny material mined from rock
7128moodnoun/mud/emotion or a state of mind; how you feel
7129perfectlyadv/pɚ•fɪktlɪ/In a faultless manner; without mistakes
7130phrasenoun/frɛɪz/group of words that forms a unit and expresses a single meaning
7131plainadj/plɛɪn/very simple/ordinary; not decorated; not striped
7132producernoun/prə•dju•sə/company producing or growing a certain product
7133salarynoun/sæ•lə•rɪ/money an employee is paid each year
7134sharpadj/ʃɑɚp/Having a thin edge or point that is able to cut
7135toothnoun/tuθ/hard white things in the mouth, used to bite
7136unknownnoun/ʌn•noʊn/Being unfamiliar or not known
7137unlikelyadv/ʌn•laɪk•lɪ/Not being likely to happen or not likely to be the truth
7138upsetadj/ʌp•sɛt/Troubled, worried, or angry
7139variationnoun/vɛɚ•rɪ•ɛɪ•ʃn/Something almost the same as another but different
7140volunteerverb/vɑ•lən•tiːɚ/To work willingly without pay