EC1 Word List
Set 8 On Quizlet

8141adjustverb/ə•dʒʌst/To change so as to fit in with new conditions
8142alcoholnoun/æl•kə•hɑl/Drinks such as wine, whiskey, beer
8143assistverb/ə•sɪst/to help
8144badlyadv/bæd•lɪ/Not in a good way; not as wanted or liked
8145bowlnoun/boʊl/round container used for holding rice, soup etc
8146brilliantadj/brɪ•ljənt/Having a great amount of intelligence or talent
8147cloudnoun/klaʊd/a mass of water vapor in the sky, as when it is going to rain
8148constantlyadv/kɑn•stənt•lɪ/frequently or without pause
8149dirtyadj/dɚ•tɪ/Not clean
8150essaynoun/ɛ•sɛɪ/short written work that displays someone's opinions or beliefs regarding a particular subject
8151exactadj/ɪg•zækt/Completely correct; accurate; specific
8152frightenverb/fraɪ•tn/To make someone afraid or nervous
8153harmverb/hɑɚm/To injure, damage, or cause problems due to something you do
8154heightnoun/haɪt/distance of something from the bottom to the top
8155nowadaysadv/naʊ•ə•dɛɪz/At the present time; now
8156philosophynoun/fɪ•lɑ•sə•fɪ/study of ideas about the fundamental nature of life
8157rarelyadv/rɛɚ•lɪ/In an infrequent manner
8158routinenoun/ru•tiːn/Happening or done regularly or frequently
8159sirnoun/sɚ/form of address to a man you respect/do not know
8160tightadj/taɪt/(rope or tie) pulled strongly