DVD Comprehension Questions

Watch the DVD and answer the following questions.  You do not need to write in complete sentences.


1.     What was one of Delfs part-time jobs when he was young? What did he do there?


    He was a busboy. He had to clean the tables after people had eaten.


2.     What did he do with the money he made?


          He saved it for his education (college).


3.     What is Delfs advice to students who work part-time?


         Find a job where they can use their English.


4.     Does he like his current job? Why?


         Yes, because everyday is different, and he meets a lot of different

         students which is interesting.


5.     Describe Delfs budget.


         He has a yearly budget where at the beginning of the year, he looks at how   

         much he thinks he will need to spend. Then he tries not to go over that



6.     How is a busboy different from a waiter?


   A waiter gets tips from the customers, and the waiter gives part of his

   tips to the  busboy.


7.     What percent of the waitressesf tips did the busboys get?


   Ten percent.


8.     Was it a busy restaurant? Was that good or bad? Why?


   Yes, it was. It was good because he got more tips.


9.     What did Del learn from his part-time jobs?


    He learned the pleasures of having his own money come in.


10.  How did Del feel about not being dependent on his parents for money?


          It was a nice feeling.


11.  When did Del start working part-time?


   When he was in high school.


12.  What do a lot of his family members do? What did they tell him?


   They are teachers. They told him what teaching was like.


13.  What did Del study while he was in college? What is his Masterfs degree in?


    He studied Education. It is in Teaching English as a Second Language.


14.  When does Del do his yearly budget? What are some things he tries to do?


    Del does his yearly budget at the beginning of each year. He tries to figure out how much he spent in the past year and thinks about how much he will be needing that year.


15.  How does Del spend a lot of his money?


    He buys books.


16.  What does Del think about shopping on the Internet?


   He thinks itfs convenient and buys books there.


17.  Has Del ever been to a \100 shop?


   Yes, he has but not recently.


18.  What was the most expensive thing Del has bought?


   A new piano.


19.  Whatfs Delfs philosophy on money?


   Spend and save.


20.  What advice does he have for our students once they start working full-time?


    No general advice except to enjoy their money. Also, to save a bit of it.