Video: Music Answers

Watch the DVD and answer the following questions.  You do not need to write in complete sentences.

1.     How often does Michael listen to music?


2.     What kind of music does he listen to?


3.     Why does he like it?

Because itfs a creative kind of music.

4.     Which sport does Michael compare to playing jazz?


5.     Why does Wayne experience a sense of excitement?

            Because jazz is not predictable.

6.     Who are two of Michael's favorite jazz performers?

Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

7.     Which instrument does he like the sound of?

The saxophone.

8.     According to Michael, jazz has a small _group_ of _followers_.

9.     According to Wayne, what kind of music do students like?

J – Pop and a few like classical music.

10.  Why does Michael think that jazz will not disappear?

Because jazz is quite close to the rhythms of life.

11.  Other than jazz, what kind of music does Michael like?

            R and B (rhythms and blues).

12.  Whose music does Wayne play for Michael?

The Temptations.

13.  What did Michael volunteer to do?

Sing with a band.

14.  Which song did he sing?

My Girl.

15.  What did one of the band members say to Michael?

            gMan, youfre good.h

16.  Why is music so important to Michael?

            Itfs a way for him to relax.

17.  According to Wayne, music  refreshes  us.

18.  Who has Michael been listening to lately?


19.  Which instrument would Michael like to play?

Alto saxophone.

20.  Which CD is Wayne going to buy?