Video: Sports Answers

1. Describe each sport Christa played as a student.


   Netball – similar to basketball except that you throw rather than 

   bounce the ball

   Run – 800 meters


2.   Is netball played in Japan? If so, is it a popular sport?


         Yes, but it is not a popular sport.  


3.  What sports did Don play when he was younger?


   Football (soccer), rugby, cricket


4.  According to Don, what are some reasons football is probably the

     universal sport?


   Itfs played everywhere in the world by all kinds of people. People  

   of all shapes play it and itfs very cheap to play.


5.  Does Don still do sports? Which ones?


  Yes, golf and running (jogging).


6.  What sport would Christa like to try? Why?


   Badminton, because itfs easier than tennis.


7.  What sport was Christa the captain?

   Netball and track and field.


8.  According to Christa, which sport is not seen in Japan?



9.  Don says there are a few teams who play cricket.  Why is it not popular in Japan?


   Japan followed Americafs lead and took baseball instead of cricket.


10. Did Don ever play football in Japan?


   Yes, he did. 


11. When did Don retire from playing football?


   When he became 50 years old.


12. Which position did he play?


   Left side of midfield.


13. Does Don play sport now? What?


   Yes. Golf, running (jogging) and swimming.


14. Where does Don go running?  How far does he usually run?


   On the beach near his house. Seven to ten kilometers.


15. Does Don run the entire time?

                   No, he runs as much as he can and then he walks.


16. Does Christa still run? Where?


   Yes, on a machine in her home.


17. Why doesnft she run outdoors?


   Because the air is too polluted.


18. What about Don? Is there something he would like to do in the future?


   He would like to run a marathon.


19. Why is it nice to have an ambition or target?


   It gives him an incentive to run.


20. What about Christa? Would she like to run another marathon?


    No, she doesnft.