English Communication III
Word Set 1

11aspecta quality, part, or element
12authoritypeople in power; an expert whose views are accepted by most
13cognitivethe process of knowing and remembering
14correlationa measure of the relationship between two variables
15denotebe a name or symbol for something
16distributionthe way that something is spread out over a particular area or group
17domaina field of action, thought or influence; an area of knowledge
18dynamicalways active or changing; in physics: a force related to motion
19grapha diagram that shows how variables are related.
110impacta striking effect or result; to hit with force
111iona charged atom
112linearmade of lines
113linguisticbelonging to language
114matrixa substance, situation, or environment in which something has its origin - in math: an arrangement of numbers in rows and columns
115obtainto get
116parthe usual amount
117parametera characteristic or constant factor, a limit
118publishto print in a book, journal or online
119repertoirea collection of skills or accomplishments.
120semanticthe different meanings of words