English Communication III
Word Set 2

221acida substance that tastes sour, reacts with metals and carbonates, and turns blue litmus red. e.g. lemon juice
222algorithma logical rule or procedure that guarantees solving a problem
223boundto go to a specified place; to jump
224coefficienta number multiplied by a variable in a mathematical expression
225developmentalconcerning the development or growth of a thing or person
226discoursetalk, conversation
227electrona negatively charged particle
228finitehaving limits; lasting for a limited time
229fluida material that can easily flow. e.g. water
230induceto cause, to persuade
231intervalthe distance between two points, numbers or times
232molecularabout or caused by combined atoms
233receptora device that receives information
234spatialabout space
235stimulussomething that makes a change.
236theorema statement that can be proved
237transformationa change
238translationchanging from one form to another. e.g. changing from one language to another
239vectora quantity that has both size and direction.
240velocityspeed in a given direction