English Communication III
Word Set 3

341candidatea person who is selected by others as a contestant for an office or honor
342diagnosisa decision made by an expert based on the results of an examination
343empiricalbased on observation or experiment
344equilibriuma state of balance
345identificationthe state of being identified; something that identifies a person
346intensitygreat energy, strength, concentration; in physics: Intensity = Power/Unit of area
347lexicalabout words
348markersomething that is easy to recognize or identify
349membranea thin covering of tissue
350moleculetwo or more atoms chemically combined
351neurona nerve cell; the basic building block of the nervous system.
352nodean intersection or junction point in a network; a part on a plant where a new leaf grows
353partialnot complete; favoring one side over another
354regimea system of management; a form of government
355regressiongoing back; in statistics: a type of correlational procedure that focuses on predicting the values of an outcome based on its correlation with another variable.
356robota mechanical creature that acts like a human
357simulationa copy; a method that is used to study and analyze the characteristics of the real world
358statisticalabout numbers that represents information
359variancethe amount of difference; a statistic that measures the variability of a distribution.
360vowela speech sound; a, e , i, o, u and sometimes y