English Communication III
Word Set 5

581beama long piece of metal or wood; a line of light or energy
582calculationthe answer to a sum; the act of calculating
583coordinateto bring order and organization to something; (n.) in maths: any of the magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point or line by reference to a fixed figure or system of lines.
584correspondencecommunication by writing; a similarity
585differentialdifference; diversity
587generalizeto make a common idea or conclusion from facts
588identicalthe same in every way
589inequalitynot the same; in maths: a statement that compares two quantities using <, >, =,=, or ?
590norman established standard of performance or behavior
591orientationthe ability to locate oneself in one's environment with reference to time, place, and people
592pathwaya route; in biochemistry: a sequence of reactions
593precedeto go before
594predictiona statement of what will happen next
595prevalencewidespread, common, general
596propositionan idea; a suggestion
597pulsebeat of the heart
598subseta small set that is part of a larger set
5100traita characteristic