English Communication III
Word Set 6

6101approximationalmost, but not exactly; more or less
6102axisa line about which a rotating body, such as the earth, turns.
6103chromosomecell structures that carry the genetic material that is copied and passed to the next generation.
6104configurationa shape or outline; a method of arrangement
6105dosean amount of medicine to be taken at any one time
6106elitesuperior; (n.) a superior group of people
6107essentiallybasically, primarily
6108infectto give someone a disease
6110locusa place or location; in genetics: the location of a gene on a chromosome
6111magnetichaving the properties of a magnet, being able to attract.
6112maternalhaving to do with being a mother
6113namelythat is to say, specifically
6114numericalincludes numbers
6115occurrencesomething that happens, an event
6116rationalsensible; based on facts
6117sina bad act; (v.) to do something bad
6118syllablea unit of speech
6119thesisa long essay; a position taken in an argument supported by a set of reasons
6120transmissionan electronic signal that has been sent by radio waves; a force that has been transferred from one machine to another