English Communication III
Word Set 7

7121accuracycorrectness or precision
7122activateto make something to start working
7123adaptationthe process of changing
7124adolescent12-18 years old
7125amplitudethe breadth, width or largeness of something; in electronics: the maximum deviation of an alternating current from its average value.
7126classificationobjects or people put into categories with shared characteristics.
7128comparativesimilar to
7129cortexthe outer part of an organ or structure
7130encodeto change a message or information into code
7131facilitateto make easier
7132grammaticalconcerning grammatical rules
7133incidencethe rate that something happens
7134inductionbringing about, or causing
7135manuscripta document, a piece of writing
7136syndromea group of signs and symptoms that accompany a disease
7137thresholda level or point at which something would start or stop happening
7138trajectorythe path followed by an object moving through space
7139utterancesomething that is said
7140vocabularythe words that a person knows