English Communication III
Word Set 8

8141chronicover a long time; serious
8142conceptualcharacterized by concepts or the forming of concepts
8143conea 3D shape with a circular base; a part of the eye
8144dependencethe need of someone or something
8145detectionthe act of discovering something
8146diameterthe distance across the center of an object
8147emergencethe process of emerging/coming out
8148evidentplain, clear
8149explicitlyvery clear; nothing hidden
8150horizontalflat or level
8151integralpart of something
8152interactan action that is answered by a reaction, verbal or physical
8153minimalthe smallest possible
8154neuralabout the nerves or nervous system
8155organisma living thing
8156overlapto cover something else
8157projectiona part that sticks out; an image on a screen; a prediction
8158substitutiona person or thing acting or serving in place of another; (v.) to put (a person or thing) in the place of another.
8159synthesisbuilding something complex from simple parts
8160systematichaving a system or plan