English Communication III
Word Set 9

9161classifyarrange or order by classes or categories
9162computationa calculation; a method of computing
9163conceptionan idea or notion; the first stage in pregnancy
9164conferencea meeting or series of meetings for discussion and exchange of information
9165enzymea protein made by cells
9166evolutionaryconcerning evolution
9167exa prefix meaning "out of," "from," or "not"
9168feedbacka response to a message; information about a person's behavior
9169ideologya set of beliefs by groups or individuals
9170indicatoran instrument that shows conditions in a machine, such as temperature, speed, pressure; in chemistry: a compound that changes color in the presence of an acid or a base
9171instabilitynot stable; changeable
9172mediateto bring about an agreement between persons or groups, act as a helper
9173midat (or near) the middle point
9174oralby mouth
9175physiciana medical doctor
9176quantitativethe describing or measuring of quantity.
9177specificationa detailed description of the design and materials used to make something.
9178spermmale sex cell
9179spherea round 3D object. e.g. a ball
9180variantdiffering, especially from something of the same general kind.