English Communication III
Word Set 10

10182collectiveformed by collection; (n.) an organisation
10183compactpacked together; closely united; small
10184convergencecoming together
10185defecta problem; a fault
10186deviationnot standard or normal; in statistics: the difference between one of a set of values and some fixed value, usually the mean of the set.
10187diagrama drawing intended to explain how something works
10188estimationa rough calculation; an opinion
10189fractiona part of a whole.
10190interfacea shared boundary between two persons or systems through which information is communicated.
10191morphologythe study of the forms and structures of plants, animals and words
10192nonlinearnot in a line
10193radiationenergy that is radiated or transmitted in the form of rays, waves or particles.
10194separationa line that seperates; a point of parting; a gap
10196syntaxthe study of a system, such as the system of words in a sentence
10197therebyby that means; because of that
10198tropicalhot and humid; near to the equator
10199validsound; just; well-founded
10200verticala line going up/down; not horizontal