EC3 Word List
Set 2 On Quizlet

221acidn/æ•sɪd/a substance that tastes sour, reacts with metals and carbonates, and turns blue litmus red. e.g. lemon juice
222algorithmn/ælgə•rɪðəm/a logical rule or procedure that guarantees solving a problem
223boundv/baʊnd/to go to a specified place; to jump
224coefficientn/koʊ•ɪ•fɪ•ʃənt/a number multiplied by a variable in a mathematical expression
225developmentaladjdɪ•vɛl•əp•mɛnt•əlconcerning the development or growth of a thing or person
226discoursen/dɪs•koɚs/talk, conversation
227electronn/ɪ•lɛk•trɑn/a negatively charged particle
228finiteadj/faɪ•naɪt/having limits; lasting for a limited time
229fluidn/flu•ɪd/a material that can easily flow. e.g. water
230inducev/ɪn•djus/to cause, to persuade
231intervaln/ɪn•tə•vəl/the distance between two points, numbers or times
232molecularadj/moʊ•lɛ•kjʊ•lə/about or caused by combined atoms
233receptornris•ɛp•tɚa device that receives information
234spatialadj/spɛɪ•ʃəl/about space
235stimulusn/stɪ•mjʊ•ləs/something that makes a change.
236theoremn/θiːɚ•rəm/a statement that can be proved
237transformationn/træn•sfə•mɛɪ•ʃən/a change
238translationn/træns•lɛɪ•ʃən/changing from one form to another. e.g. changing from one language to another
239vectorn/vɛk•tə/a quantity that has both size and direction.
240velocityn/vɪ•lɑ•sɪ•tɪ/speed in a given direction