EC3 Word List
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341candidaten/kæn•dɪ•dɪt/a person who is selected by others as a contestant for an office or honor
342diagnosisn/daɪəg'noʊsɪs/a decision made by an expert based on the results of an examination
343empiricaladj/ɛm•pɪ•rɪ•kəl/based on observation or experiment
344equilibriumn/iː•kwɪ•lɪ•briːɚm/a state of balance
345identificationn/aɪ•dɛn•tɪ•fɪ•kɛɪ•ʃ/the state of being identified; something that identifies a person
346intensityn/ɪn•tɛn•sɪ•tɪ/great energy, strength, concentration; in physics: Intensity = Power/Unit of area
347lexicaladj/lɛk•sɪ•kəl/about words
348markern/mɑɚ•kə/something that is easy to recognize or identify
349membranen/mɛm•brɛɪn/a thin covering of tissue
350moleculen/mɑ•lɪ•kjul/two or more atoms chemically combined
351neuronn/njʊ•ərɒn/a nerve cell; the basic building block of the nervous system.
352noden/noʊd/an intersection or junction point in a network; a part on a plant where a new leaf grows
353partialadj/pɑɚ•ʃəl/not complete; favoring one side over another
354regimen/rɛɪ•ʒiːm/a system of management; a form of government
355regressionn/rɪ•grɛ•ʃən/going back; in statistics: a type of correlational procedure that focuses on predicting the values of an outcome based on its correlation with another variable.
356robotn/roʊ•bɑt/a mechanical creature that acts like a human
357simulationn/sɪ•mjʊ•lɛɪ•ʃən/a copy; a method that is used to study and analyze the characteristics of the real world
358statisticaladj/stə•tɪs•tɪ•kəl/about numbers that represents information
359variancen/vɛɚriːɚns/the amount of difference; a statistic that measures the variability of a distribution.
360voweln/vaʊ•əl/a speech sound; a, e , i, o, u and sometimes y