EC4 Word List
Set 3 On Quizlet

341assemblyn/ə•sɛm•blɪ/a group of machine parts that fit together to form a tool or machine
342assertv/ə•sɚt/to state firmly or confidently
343calciumn/kæl•siːɚm/a substance important for human and animal health, particularly for making bones and teeth
344closuren/kloʊ•ʒə/the act of closing something
345competencen/kɑm•pɪ•təns/the ability to do something in a satisfactory or effective way
346constrainv/kən•strɛɪn/to limit; to force someone to do something they don't want to do
347critiquen/krɪ•tiːk/a review of the quality of a work
348depictv/dɪ•pɪkt/to describe someone or something
349differentiatev/dɪ•fə•rɛn•ʃɪ•ɛɪt/to see or show a difference between things
350indigenousadj/ɪn•dɪ•dʒɪ•nəs/living or growing naturally in an area, not brought from somewhere else
351indirectadj/ɪn•dɪ•rɛkt/having a path that is not straight or direct
352minimizev/mɪ•nɪ•maɪz/to make something as small as possible
353partiallyadv/pɑɚʃəlɪ/in part; in some degree; not wholly
355prominentadj/prɑ•mɪ•nənt/being important or well known
356psychiatricadj/saɪ•kɪ•æ•trɪk/concerning or used in psychiatry
357renderv/rɛn•də/to cause someone or something to behave in a particular way, or to enter into a particular condition
358transactionn/træn•zæk•ʃən/an exchange; in business this usually involves money
359unityn/ju•nɪ•tɪ/being in full agreement; whole
360utilizev/ju•tɪ•laɪz/to use something practically for a particular purpose