EC4 Word List
Set 4 On Quizlet

461adjacentadj/ə•dʒɛɪ•sənt/being close or near to a border, wall, or point
462aestheticadj/iːs•θɛ•tɪk/concerning the sense of artistic beauty
463cuen/kju/a word or action during a stage play to tell an actor to speak
464denseadj/dɛns/very thick
465dischargev/dɪs•tʃɑɚdʒ/to release someone or something
466exploitv/ɪks•ploɪt/to use something or someone selfishly or unethically
467fertilityn/fɚ•tɪ•lɪ•tɪ/the state of a female being able to produce young
468inhibitionn/ɪn•hɪ•bɪ•ʃən/the process whereby nerves can retard or prevent the functioning of an organ; the act of blocking or holding back
469nulladj/nʌl/having no impact
470nutrientn/nju•triːɚnt/a chemical, food, that animals and plants need to live, develop, and be healthy
471parentaladj/pə•rɛn•tl/concerning, or provided by, a parent
472practitionern/præk•tɪ•ʃŋ•ə/a person working in a profession such as medicine
473pragmaticadj/præg•mæ•tɪk/dealing with problems in a reasonable, practical manner
474protocoln/proʊ•tə•kɑl/a set of rules; computers use protocol so they can exchange information
475qualitativeadj/kwɑ•lɪ•tə•tɪv/concerning how good something is, rather than quantity
476questionnairen/kwɛs•tiːɚ•nɛɚ/a series of written questions, given to many people, in order to learn information, facts and opinions
477readilyadv/rɛdɪlɪ/in a quick and easy manner
478reinforcev/riː•ɪn•foɚs/to strengthen
479ritualn/rɪ•tjʊəl/performed as part of a formal ceremony
480tenseadj/tɛns/stretched tight and stiff