EC4 Word List
Set 5 On Quizlet

581accumulationn/ə•kju•mjʊ•lɛɪ•ʃən/the gathering of something over a period of time
582allocationn/æ•lə•kɛɪ•ʃən/an amount of money, space, etc. that is given to somebody for a particular purpose
583commentaryn/kɑ•mən•tə•rɪ/a discussion of a written work or event, usually to give greater explanation or opinion on it
584confinev/kən•faɪn/to keep something or someone within a limited area so it cannot escape
585consensusn/kən•sɛn•səs/a decision that is shared by most of the members of a group
586contradictionn/kɑn•trə•dɪk•ʃən/the act of saying that something is not true or very different
587dominancen/dɑmɪnəns/being more powerful, successful, or important than others
588elaborateadj/ɪ•læ•bə•rɛɪt/to be made or done with great care or with much detail
589ethicsn/ɛ•θɪks/the moral principles, standards, and rules for deciding what is right and wrong
590habitatn/hæbɪtæt/the natural place, or type of place, where a plant or animal lives
591insertv/ɪn•sɚt/to put something in something
592peripheraladj/pə•rɪ•fə•rəl/not connected to the main or important part of something
593productivityn/prɑ•dʌk•tɪ•vɪ•tɪ/the rate at which something is made or done
594radiusn/rɛɪ•djəs/a given area or a range around a certain point; a line from the center of a circle to its edge
595residuen/rɛ•zɪ•dju/left over after part or most is taken away
596scatterv/skæ•tə/to make things separate and go in different directions
597spontaneousadj/spɑn•tɛɪ•njəs/something that happens on its own, seemingly without cause
598staticadj/stætɪk/being unchangeable or unmovable
599straightforwardadj/strɛɪt•foɚ•wəd/easy to do or understand; not complicated
5100suiciden/sjʊ•ɪ•saɪd/the act of purposely killing yourself because you no longer wish to live