EC4 Word List
Set 6 On Quizlet

6101absorptionn/əb•soɚp•ʃən/a process of taking a liquid, gas or substance into another substance
6102accumulatev/ə•kju•mjʊ•lɛɪt/to gather or acquire something so that you have more of it
6103amongstprep/ə•mʌŋst/in or through a group
6104articulatev/ɑɚ•tɪ•kjʊ•lɛɪt/to express yourself easily using language
6105circulationn/sɚ•kjʊ•lɛɪ•ʃən/the movement of blood through the body
6106conceivev/kən•siːv/to think of, or create, something new (e.g. idea, child)
6107decayv/dɪ•kɛɪ/to be slowly broken down by natural processes
6108donorn/doʊ•nə/a person or group that gives gifts or money to help support an organization or cause
6109likewiseadj/laɪk•waɪz/in the same way, in addition to
6110livern/lɪ•və/a large organ in the body that helps to absorb food and clean the blood
6111lungn/lʌŋ/an organ used to breathe
6112manipulationn/mə•nɪ•pjʊ•lɛɪ•ʃən/the act of controlling something or someone
6113maximizev/mæksɪmaɪz/to increase, or become as large or great as possible
6114metaphorn/mɛ•tə•fə/a figure of speech based on analogy
6115monetaryadj/mʌ•nɪ•tə•rɪ/concerning money, often referring to a country's economic system
6116offspringn/oɚfs•prɪŋ/the child of a person or the young of a plant or animal
6117pluraladj/plʊə•rəl/refers to more than one person or thing
6118replacementn/rɪ•plɛɪs•mənt/the act of putting something new in the place of something that is old, broken or missing
6119thermaladj/θɚ•məl/with reference to some source of heat
6120valven/vælv/a device along a pipe that can either open and allow something to flow, or close and block it