EC4 Word List
Set 7 On Quizlet

7121adverseadj/æd•vɚs/negative or harmful
7122analogyn/ə•næ•lə•dʒɪ/comparing two similar things
7123basinn/bɛɪ•sn/a water container that is wider than it is deep
7124clarifyv/klæ•rɪ•faɪ/to make something easier to understand
7125coherentadj/koʊ•hiːɚ•rənt/something logical and well-organized
7126controversyn/kɑn•trə•vɚ•sɪ/strong public disagreement about something
7127diagnosev/daɪ•əg•noʊz/to determine the cause of something by examination, usually an illness
7128executionn/ɛk•sɪ•kju•ʃən/the act of killing a person as punishment for something
7129gridn/grɪd/a metal structure with bars that is used to cover a hole
7130justificationn/dʒʌs•tɪ•fɪ•kɛɪ•ʃən/a reason or fact that explains why something happens or exists
7131mythn/mɪθ/a popular belief that is false or unsupported by fact
7132peasantn/pɛ•zənt/a person of low social status, usually who works on a farm
7133realmn/rɛlm/the area ruled by a king or queen
7134sketchn/skɛtʃ/a drawing made quickly that lacks detail
7135strandn/strænd/something that is plaited or twisted as a rope-like length
7136strategicadj/strə•tiː•dʒɪk/concerned with strategy
7137underminev/ʌn•də•maɪn/to weaken or destroy something secretly and usually slowly
7138unifyv/ju•nɪ•faɪ/to join or bring together
7139veinn/vɛɪn/one of the little tubes that return blood from the body to the heart
7140wheatn/wiːt/a kind of grain that is used to make flour for bread