EC4 Word List
Set 9 On Quizlet

9161allocatev/æ•lə•kɛɪt/to distribute according to a plan
9162architectn/ɑɚ•kɪ•tɛkt/a person who designs buildings
9163broadlyadv/broɚdlɪ/in a manner that includes general points, but not small details
9164bundlen/bʌn•dl/a group of things that are tied together
9165capitalismn/kæ•pɪ•tə•lɪ•zəm/an economic system based on private ownership of money and wealth
9166capitalistn/kæ•pɪ•tə•lɪst/a person who believes in an economic system based on private ownership of money and wealth
9167consultationn/kɑn•səl•tɛɪ•ʃən/a discussion between people to make a decision
9168dilemman/dɪ•lɛ•mə/a position in which a person must make difficult choices
9169expertisen/ɛkspɚ'tiːz/the special knowledge that an expert has on a subject
9170inevitablyadv/ɪn•ɛ•vɪ•təb•lɪ/happening with complete certainty
9171injectv/ɪn•dʒɛkt/to put medicine into someone with a syringe
9172invasionn/ɪn•vɛɪ•ʒən/an entry into a place for the purpose of taking control
9173mergev/mɚdʒ/to cause two or more things to become combined into one
9174metabolismn/mɛ•tæ•bə•lɪ•zəm/the chemical processes of the body in which food is converted to energy
9175momentumn/moʊ•mɛn•təm/the force that gives something the ability to keep going
9176motifn/moʊ•tiːf/a distinctive form, shape or figure in a design
9177multiplyv/mʌl•tɪp•laɪ/to increase greatly in number
9178quotationn/kwoʊ•tɛɪ•ʃən/words that a person has said or written in a play, book or movie
9179realisticadj/riːɚ•lɪs•tɪk/looks real
9180subtleadj/sʌ•tl/difficult to notice, understand, or see